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Bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth

There is no better time than this to discover all that God has for you - especially if you're a woman! Many conversations evolve around what we will do to bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth. Will we teach? Will we travel to faraway places? What choices will we make

to prepare to stand before kings?

Several of the women I know are artistically gifted and have a desire to impact the world through art. I say bravo to that as I love to look at beautiful paintings, pottery and the list goes on.

For women who have felt they have been locked up in a gilded cage, this is your time to shine. This is your time to start dreaming and dream big! Don’t limit your dreams to just what you think you can

accomplish. Let God surprise you with what He can do in your life. He’s by far the best business partner and He’s so creative. I love His ideas.

This in fact is a great place to start- we have the mind of Christ. So let’s ask Him what we should do. Let’s look for those open visions, daydreams and night dreams. Let’s be watchful for Him to show up with an encounter or divine appointment that causes everything to just break loose.

As the heavens seed clouds with moisture that brings rain, let’s meet God in the sky and seed the clouds with our dreams and ideas. He’s a good Daddy and loves His girls. His desire is to bless you. Take a moment right now to just dial down and see what comes to mind!

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